In it's most general, coaching is what you go looking for when you recognize that something in your life isn't working the way that you want it to and you can't figure out how to change that certain thing on your own. 

Coaching can be about changing the known and it can be about exploring the unknown.  


Individual Coaching

There's one person, one major concern, and usually only one point-of-view as to what is going on. Though there may be input from an external source motivating the desire for change.

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Couples Coaching

Not for the faint of heart. There are at least two points-of-view and at least two understandings of the concern. There is usually a disagreement about the values and actions around the central concern. Creating a third narrative that both parties can intellectually align with is the primary objective.

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Spot Coaching

Sometimes, when the bullets are flying, the waves are a’ pounding and the gale is up around Force 9, all you really need is a time-out from the reactivity. Time to catch your breath and cool down your adrenals. Then you re-evaluate, get your bearing, and back in you go. 

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